FeedingChickens28042019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Feeding Chickens

Published 29 April 2019. Feeding is the biggest expense for poultry producers. It is important to make sure that the right feeds are supplied to the right animals at the right time.

SwakaraAuction16042019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Swakara: International Auction a success

Published 16 April 2019. During the March 2019 auction, the Swakara industry was again under pressure from the current challenges within the international fur market.

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Protocol Guidelines with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Published 18 Mar 2019. The Namibia Government announced on 14 March 2020 that it would implement precautionary measures to protect Namibians from being affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Shareholding in Agra Ltd

Published 01 Mar 2019. Agra has been one of the pillars of the agricultural community of Namibia since its inception in 1980. 

DiamondArrowAwardFront Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra receives five PMR Diamond Arrow Awards

Published 17 Feb 2019. Agra Limited’s continuous commitment and contribution towards Namibian agriculture was once again recognised by the annual PMR Awards on Monday the 17th of February 2020, at the Safari Court Hotel in Windhoek.

AgraAgriculturalAcademy29012021 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra Agricultural Academy Launch

Published 29 Jan 2019. Agra, through Agra ProVision, is proud to launch a brand-new technology-driven Namibian Agricultural Academy, which works closely with both industry partners and suppliers to develop industry specific training for the Namibian agricultural sector.

MoresonDonation24102019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Auas Valley Shopping Mall donates to Môreson Special School for the cognitively impaired.

Published 24 Oct 2018. Agra’s corporate social initiatives are geared towards the upliftment of Namibian communities, and as part of giving back the Auas Valley Shopping Mall…

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Agra's A. Rosenthal Guns and Ammunition reinvents itself 

Published 12 Oct 2018. The revamped A.Rosenthal guns and ammunition is the ultimate one stop shop for all hunting enthusiasts.

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Published 12 Oct 2018. Agra scooped the award for Best Overall Outdoor exhibition at the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show at a prize giving event.

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First winner crowned in Agra’s Slaughter Ox Competition

Published 13 Jun 2018. This year marks the third slaughter ox competition that is hosted by Agra Auctions since the competition’s inception in 2016.

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Enforcement of Producer Number for access to Formal Markets

Published 19 April 2018. This note serves to Kindly request assistance in creating awareness amongst producers to register with the Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) before 1 June 2018.

AgraMaltahohe13042018_750 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra: Bigger, Better, Maltahöhe

Published 13 April 2018. On Friday 20 April, a customer day will be held at the newly revamped Agra branch in Maltahöhe's main street…

DonateRhinos11042019_750 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Auas Valley Shopping Mall’s initiative raised more than N$30 000 for rhinos

Published 11 Apr 2018. A donation of N$ 30 820.45 was handed over to the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (SRT) by Auas Valley Shopping Mall’s management.

newsletter750 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Swakara, a VIP at China’s Summit

Published 06 Apr 2018. The Swakara Board received a VIP invitation in January from the Haining Municipal Government and International Fur Federation Asia Region…

WheelchairDonate06042018_750 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra cares: Outjo branch helps disabled children

Published 06 Apr 2018. Already two disabled children in Outjo received wheelchairs, thanks to a project run by a local church in which Outjo’s Agra branch are also taking part in.

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contact agra


TEL | +264 61 290 9111
8 Bessemer street, Southern Industria, Windhoek

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