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Agra donates to Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired

Published 09 Dec 2019. Agra is rooted in the people of Namibia and as such, has always been focused on reinvestment into agricultural activities, which ultimately contribute towards the upliftment of Namibian communities.

AgraAnnualMeeting03122019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra Holds Annual General Meeting for 2019

Published 03 Dec 2019. Agra Limited held its Annual General Meeting on the 29th of November 2019, at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Ring situated at the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show Grounds.

WelcomeAgraAranos22112019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra celebrates bigger and better Aranos branch

Published 22 Nov 2019. The Aranos branch in the Hardap Region has been revamped to the tune of approximately N$ 7 million, another great milestone for Agra.

weanerWinnerFront Agra News - Agra Namibia

2019 Agra Weaner Competition Winners

Published 28 Oct 2019. We are proud to acknowledge that Mr Bertus Calitz from the Gobabis district, was crowned Agra National Weaner Champion for 2019 at a gala dinner hosted on the 24th of October 2019, at the Arebbusch Travel lodge. 

AgraStatePatients01102019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra creates a home away from home for state patients

Published 01 Oct 2019. The Agra ASIF Committee has been renovating the Oncology Family room at the Windhoek Central Hospital.

PoultryFeeding16092019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Poultry Feeding

Published 16 Sep 2019. The importance of feed cost can never be overemphasized as it continues to be and remains a key driver to any intensive livestock operation, including poultry.

Celebrate39Years30082019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra celebrates 39 years of creating a better life by opening Ondangwa branch

Published 30 Aug 2019. The birthday celebrations followed a great milestone, the opening of Agra’s Ondangwa branch. The traditional cutting of the cake took place at all Agra branches countrywide and as always, Agra’s clients joined in the celebrations.

WinterFund19082019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra helping communities survive the harsh winter

Published 19 Aug 2019. The project that commenced served as a countrywide practice, where vulnerable members of the community as well as various organisations received donations in the form of blankets, food items and basic necessities.

MallDonation12082019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Auas Valley Shopping Mall gives back

Published 12 Aug 2019. The Auas Valley Shopping Mall hosted a Late Night Shopping Event, at which N$11 150 was raised towards a charity organisation.

OXCompetition08082019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Slaughter OX Competition Honours Quality Producers

Published 08 Aug 2019. The competition forms part of an initiative to provide ox producers with a platform to compete in an organised competition similar to the Agra Weaner Competition.

FatherSonHunting06082019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Rosenthal Father & Son Winners Hunting Weekend

Published 06 Aug 2019. This past weekend saw the A Rosenthal Winners of the Father & Son Promotion take up their Prize On Goodhope Hunting Safari’s...

Default_Properties_Logo_Agra_Properties_Offices_to_Let Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra Properties - Prime Office Space TO LET 

Published 01 Aug 2019. PRIME office space in Windhoek, Lafrenz (at the Agra Hyper Centre)

FightDrought26062019Real Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra Limited Staff join fight against drought

Published 26 Jun 2019. Agra staff members have joined the fight against the drought by donating an amount of N$100 000 to the Dare to Care Fund.

MallDonatesToHope29052019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Auas Valley Shopping Mall donates to Hope Village 

Published 29 May 2019. Auas Valley Shopping Mall, part of Agra’s property portfolio, donated food and basic necessities to the amount of N$ 10 000 to the Hope Village.

LaunchWeanerComp09052019 Agra News - Agra Namibia

Agra Launches Weaner Auction Championships for 2019

Published 09 May 2019. The championships aim to recognise and reward producers for good quality weaner calves.

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contact agra


TEL | +264 61 290 9111
8 Bessemer street, Southern Industria, Windhoek

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